7th level scholar
Level: 7
progress to 8:
player: OtherWorld
strength: 3
  lift: 0.1+4
  strike: 0.6+6

agility: 3
  dodge: 0.7+4
  quick: 0.3+6
social: 2
  guile: 0.8+4
  persuade: 1.1+8

knowledge: 3
  science: 1.6+10
  strategy: 1.5+8

Latest Activity
Evening Fighting ferocious fungus
at Red Caves 
evening, 3rd day of late Spring, 981
Also here: Cidna, Sao, and Shilu

In the inner sanctum of the alien temple, there was a pedestal topped with treasures. Tilro knew enough about ancient temples to look out for floor tiles marked with letters, beams of light, and deceptively inanimate skeletons. It was during that search that the giant fungus roared and attacked.

1 Temple Denizen
ferocious fungus
5 Spelunkers
Cidna, Sao, Shilu, Tilro, Old Jim
Strategy Rolls:
Spelunkers best roll was Old Jim: +12
Temple Denizen best roll was ferocious fungus: +8
Spelunkers take the initiative (+2 to quick rolls)
Before the Battle:
Shilu inspires Spelunkers (+9 to dodge rolls)
Sao inspires Spelunkers (+8 to strike rolls)
Round one: 5 Spelunkers vs. ferocious fungus
Old Jim hits ferocious fungus (+20 vs +8) ...ferocious fungus fearlessly fights on!
Cidna hits ferocious fungus (+14.3 vs +8) ...ferocious fungus fearlessly fights on!
Tilro hits ferocious fungus (+14.6 vs +8) ...ferocious fungus falls!
Victory goes to Spelunkers!

Tilro collected the long-abandoned treasure and headed back to the surface. Once back in Iron Mine, the miners bought Tilro drink and food while Tilro regaled them with tales of the caves beneath their feet.

The miners were impressed with Tilro's deed, and were quick to ask his help with another subterranean mission.

  • quest successfully completed
  • gained new quest: Rescue Lost Miners

Morning morning, 6th day past Winter solstice, 1100

Next turn in: 9:21

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