9th level scholar
Level: 9
progress to 10:
player: OtherWorld
strength: 2
  lift: 0.6+6
  strike: 0.5+12

agility: 3
  dodge: 1+8
  quick: 1.5+6
social: 6
  guile: 1.1+4
  persuade: 0.9+5

knowledge: 2
  science: 0.7
  strategy: 1.7+9

Latest Activity
Morning Arriving in iron mine
at Iron Mine 
morning, 17th day of mid Autumn, 955

Cidgor looked up into the hills and saw Iron Mine above. A fence of sharpened logs protected a tight cluster of buildings. The clamor of mining echoed around the valleys, and smoke rose from the blast furnaces.

It was a welcome site after the hazards of the road. Once Cidgor had climbed the hill and entered the gates, he found a group of filthy miners and rugged guardsmen eager to buy luxuries from the city. Cidgor got out the few things he had brought for trade and haggled.

Cidgor rolls persuade difficulty 19 : +5.9 success!

Cidgor did quite well for himself. With his new wealth, he began to explore Iron Mine. What adventures waited in this frontier?

  • quest successfully completed
  • gained 280 coins

Evening evening, 5th day of late Autumn, 1080

Next turn in: 6:35

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