9th level scholar
Level: 9
progress to 10:
player: OtherWorld
strength: 4
  lift: 0.2+6
  strike: 0.7+12

agility: 3
  dodge: 0.7+10
  quick: 1.2+4
social: 2
  guile: 1.3+4
  persuade: 0.9+7

knowledge: 4
  science: 0.8+2
  strategy: 2.2+5

Latest Activity
Evening Throwing a party
at Iron Mine 
evening, 3rd day of late Spring, 981

Being the party planner for a diplomatic suaree is tricky. Half the guests don't know the other half of the guests, and the party planner cannot just order the guests around because all the guests outrank the party planner.

It was Wigra's job, though, so she gave it a go.

best roll: Wigra rolls strategy difficulty 19 : +16.2 success!

It went perfectly. The gnomes loved the magician's card tricks, the food was exotic and delicious to them, and by the end of the party the gnomes and leaders of Iron Mine were great friends.

At the end of the party, the gnomish diplomat himself presented Wigra with a gift. The Iron Mine overseer paid Wigra well for her service, and asked her to work for him in the future.

  • quest successfully completed
  • gained 280 coins
  • gained new quest: Extreme Negotiator

Evening evening, 5th day of late Autumn, 1080

Next turn in: 5:45

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