9th level scholar
Level: 9
progress to 10:
player: OtherWorld
strength: 3
  lift: 0.3+8
  strike: 0.9+16

agility: 4
  dodge: 1+8
  quick: 0.6+6
social: 2
  guile: 1.6+4
  persuade: 1.4+5

knowledge: 4
  science: 0.5
  strategy: 1.7+9

Latest Activity
Evening Selling cargo
at Storm Haven Bazaar 
evening, 3rd day of late Spring, 981

Wigta's caravan was safely in Storm Haven, selling their goods. Wigta took a few hours to sell the trade goods she had brought from Iron Mine.

Wigta rolls persuade difficulty 19 : +6.4 failure

Wigta made a small profit from her merchandise.

  • quest successfully completed
  • gained 10 coins

Evening evening, 5th day of late Autumn, 1080

Next turn in: 5:59

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