3rd level scholar
Level: 3
progress to 4:
player: 0x44
strength: 1
  lift: 0+2
  strike: 0.1+4

agility: 1
  dodge: 0.3+4
  quick: 0.1+4
social: 3
  guile: 0.4+2
  persuade: 0.5+4

knowledge: 2
  science: 0.9+8
  strategy: 0.7+4

Latest Activity
Afternoon Playing an encore
at Storm Haven Docks 
afternoon, 9th day past Winter solstice, 1000
Also here: Abin, Boo, and Fachelle

Tim's band was such a hit that the waterfront tavern was standing-room-only and the staff was taking orders for food and drink as fast as they could. The place was heating up from all the bodies.

After some hours of playing, Tim's weary band was ready to collect their pay from the tavern owner and get some rest. The crowd called for more music, and the owner convinced Tim to play a little longer.

best roll: Boo rolls guile difficulty 19 : +5.2 success!

The band gave it their all. When they finally stopped playing, they had made a fine haul in tips and fees.

When Tim finally made it out of the hot tavern, a woman stopped Tim and said her sister needed a wedding band. Tim got the time and place for the audition before leaving to relax with his band mates.

  • quest successfully completed
  • gained 40 coins
  • gained new quest: Wedding Gig

Night night, 3rd day of mid Autumn, 1095

Next turn in: 2:47

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