Frequently Asked Questions


What does buffing do?
When you buff an adventurer, that adventurer gets +1 to dice rolls for their next four turns.
Why can't I buff right now?
You can give up to three buffs per turn. You'll be able to give more soon as next turn happens. Also, adventurers can only receive 3 buffs at a time, so maybe the adventurer you want to buff is already fully buffed.


How does combat work?
Combat starts with a strategy roll. Whichever side has the highest-rolling combatant gets a bonus to dice rolls. There are some rare encounters that skip the strategy roll.

After the strategy roll, there is sometimes a pre-battle action. For example, if there is a captain among the adventurers, the captain uses this time to give bonuses to his team.

Next, the first combat round begins. Everyone involved in the combat makes a Quick roll, a Strike roll, and a Dodge roll. For details on how these rolls are made, see the FAQ on skill rolls. Whoever made the highest Quick roll goes first, second highest goes second, and so on.

Everyone (who is still standing) gets to attack once per round. When their turn comes up, they pick an opponent. The attacker's Strike roll is compared to the defender's Dodge roll. If the Strike roll is higher than the Dodge roll, the opponent is wounded.

Most opponents retreat after one wound. Fearless opponents keep fighting until they have taken three wounds, counting wounds the opponent had when they entered combat.

Combat ends when one side has no one left fighting, or when combat has lasted 10 rounds. After 10 rounds, the side with more combatants left wins.


What do the gear colors mean?
  • grey => common gear, can be bought
  • blue => uncommon gear
  • green => very rare gear
  • purple => very rare gear

Injuries and wounds

What are the wound levels?
  • healthy
  • hurt
  • badly hurt
  • severely hurt
What happens when my adventurer gets hurt?
An adventurer will try to retreat from battle when they get hurt. If an adventurer is severely hurt during a quest, then the adventurer will quit the quest.
Can my adventurer die?
No. Adventurers will always find a way to escape and adventure another day.
How can my adventurer heal?
When an adventurer starts a new quest, the adventurer will fully heal before the first turn. Adventurers also sometimes heal during a quest, if they're doing something reasonably calm.

Skills and dice rolls

What are the skills?
The strength talent has 2 skills:
  • lift => lifting and moving things
  • strike => hitting things in combat
The agility talent has 2 skills:
  • dodge => evading damage
  • quick => reacting fast, especially in combat
The social talent has 2 skills:
  • guile => controlling the perceptions of others. For example, acting, hiding, or tricking
  • persuade => convincing others to follow your suggestions
The knowledge talent has 2 skills:
  • science => performing feats of engineering, or knowing important details about the natural world
  • strategy => making plans and organizing people
How do skill rolls work?
Your adventurer rolls a number of dice equal to their talent, then adds skill and other bonuses. For example, if you adventurer has a Knowledge of 1 and a strategy of 3, your adventurer will roll 1 die and add 3 to the roll. If the total is greater or equal to the difficulty, your adventurer is successful.

Other than skills, bonuses can come from equipment, buffs, or circumstances (such as when one has a strategic advantage in combat.)

Wild die: one die in every skill roll is a wild die. The wild die is a different color than the rest of the dice. If a wild die rolls a "6", then another wild die gets rolled and added.
What do the different dice colors mean?
When dice are rolled, one of the dice will be red, and the rest will be blue. The red die is the wild die. If a 6 is rolled on the wild die, then a second wild die gets rolled. If the second wild die comes up 6, then a third wild die is rolled, and so on.

Specialties (character classes)

In battles, captains give a bonus to everyone on their side, including themselves. The bonus is applied right after the strategy roll, and applies for the rest of the battle. The bonus may be to strike rolls, dodge rolls, or quick rolls. The bonus type is randomly selected for each battle. The amount of bonus is equal to the captain's level.
In battles, warriors get a bonus to their strike, dodge, and quick rolls. The amount of the bonus is equal to the warrior's level.
When not in battle, scholars get a bonus to their science and strategy rolls. The amount of the bonus is equal to the scholar's level.

Suggestions about the game

Who should I contact regarding suggestions, bugs, and praise?
I can be reached at otherworld AT dansego DOT com.

The Old Version

Can I still play the alpha test version of OtherWorld?
Yes, the original version of OtherWorld is distinct enough that it was kept running at its own site. Anyone who is curious what OtherWorld was like during alpha testing is welcome to play there.

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