OtherWorld: Ready When You Are

OtherWorld is a free browser game, no download needed. Players make adventurers who explore their world and report back about what they've been up to.

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It's great for people who want a few minutes of distraction once in a while. Or you can spend as much time as you like watching adventures unfold, buying and selling gear, buffing friends, and seeing what other adventurers are up to.

Take a minute to make an adventurer and let him go. Check back in a while to see what he did, learned, and gained.


Welcome to the beta test! The core OtherWorld experience is ready. Everyone is invited to help test the game. The focus is making sure sure the game is fun and functioning. Meanwhile, content for higher-level adventurers is being added. For the latest news on OtherWorld development, check the developer blog.

Emails with suggestions are welcome at: otherworld AT dansego DOT com .

Unlockables! As your highest level adventurer advances, you can make more adventurers. The first time one of your adventurers gains level 7, you can make a new adventurer. Then again every six levels (level 13, 19, 25, etc.)

See What's Going On

  • Tim is playing an encore in Storm Haven Docks
  • Tenla is boarding the smuggler ship in Storm Haven Docks
  • Borog is arriving in iron mine in Iron Mine

Morning morning, 6th day past Winter solstice, 1100

Next turn in: 8:59

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